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Online Dating: Screen Out the Ones You Don’t Want and Find the One You Do Want! Nov. 10, 2012

Create an Online Dating Profile to Find Your Guy!Are you tired of meeting people who aren’t who they appeared to  be online? Or are you nervous about how to screen out the ones  you don’t want? Do you have a profile that is attracting the kind  of men (or women) you’d like to have a relationship with?

Everyone is dating online. And some sites give great  results.


But, you have to know which sites to use and how to “read between the lines.” And you need a profile that expresses who you really are and attracts someone you really want!

I hope you’ll join me this Saturday for:

Online Dating: How to  Screen Out the Ones You Don’t Want and Find the ONE You Do Want!

You can even bring copies of your online dating profile and we’ll  give you feedback!
And feel free to bring a friend or forward this to anyone who you  think might be interested. :)

ONLINE DATING: Screen Out the Ones You Don’t Want and Find the  One You Do Want!
Saturday, November 10
3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
150 E. Meda Ave., Suite 110
Glendora, CA 91741 

For more info. and/or to register, go to  https://vondielozano.com/events/relationship-seminars

Vonda (“Vondie”) Lozano, Ph.D., is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Hypnotherapist. She’s been featured in Cosmopolitan, the Wall Street Journal and on KABC Talk Radio. Vondie offers hypnosis, counseling, and workshops in Ventura. Nearby cities include Camarillo, Ojai and Oxnard.

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