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The Best Places to Meet Men

best places to meet menA while back someone suggested women take golf or scuba classes to meet men. So many women did this that there were more women than men in some of these classes!

Hanging out where the men are isn’t a bad idea. But, the goal isn’t to meet any man.

The goal is to meet your man — the man who’s right for you.

Here are a few of my favorite places where you might meet your Mr. Right:

Singles Groups or Clubs 

The best singles groups are focused on something important to you — your faith, your politics, your love of the outdoors. This could be a church singles group, the Sierra Club or a Meetup singles group with a religious or political focus. Then when you meet someone you like you’ll already have important things in common. The group also needs to have people around your age who are looking for a real relationship. And they need to have a steady stream of new people. (Whaling 2002)

The Dog Park

If you’re a dog-lover, taking your dog to the park is a great way to get outdoors and meet new people (read = men). This is especially true at the dog park because you’ll be meeting men who share your love of dogs. Plus, your dogs give you a built in conversation starter and ice breaker. If you’re a dog-lover, but right now you’re between dogs, invite a friend and her dog to join you.

Relationship Workshops or Seminars

Workshops or seminars where singles come together to learn about relationships can be a great place to meet men. These men are motivated and interested to learn about themselves. I offer Relationship Seminarsin the Los Angeles area and we’ll be coming to Orange County soon! There may be relationship counselors in your area that offer something similar.

Friends’ Get-Togethers

One of the best places to meet men is when your friends have people over. There’s a good chance you’ll have stuff in common with your friends’ friends. Plus, your friends can give you the scoop on what he’s really like. So —  Just Say Yes when your friends invite you over for dinner or a barbecue or to play Apples-to-Apples. And remind them to include some single guys they like and respect.

Online Dating Sites

Everyone is dating online. But all online dating sites are not created equal. It’s better if the site costs something and if it requires a lengthy questionnaire like eHarmony. The investment of time and money helps screen out men who aren’t looking for a serious relationship. I also like eHarmony because they prescreen your matches. That allows you to meet men who aren’t your type. Because if your type hasn’t worked for you in the past, it might be time to try something new.


Do you have a passion, something you care about deeply? If you take a class in this area, you can meet men who also share your passion. It might be — the environment, horseback riding, dancing. What matters is that it’s important to you.

I Met My Husband Swing Dancing

We met at Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association. It’s a low-key venue that feels kind of like being at a wedding. There’s all different ages. They offer dance classes during the week and free lessons at the Saturday dances so you get to know people. A close friend also met her partner there. So, thank-you PBDA!

Whaling, A. (2000-2002). Sunday Night Singles. Pasadena, CA.

Vonda (“Vondie”) Lozano, Ph.D., is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Hypnotherapist. She’s been featured in Cosmopolitan, the Wall Street Journal and on KABC Talk Radio. Vondie offers hypnosis, counseling, and workshops in Ventura. Nearby cities include Camarillo, Ojai and Oxnard.

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  • Vondie

    I just had lunch with a group of therapists in my area. One of the therapists said he met his girlfriend at a Meetup group. He said it doesn’t have to be a singles Meetup group. It can be about hiking or art or whatever you’re interested in. And even though there’s some couples, there will still be plenty of singles. (Similar values is the best basis for a good relationship. But, if there’s a Meetup group based on something you’re passionate about, I think it could work.)

  • Cindy

    Hi Vondie,
    I’ve enjoyed reading your articles! Please let me know when you will start your seminars in Orange County.


    • Vondie

      Thanks for the positive feedback Cindy!

      I’m thinking this summer. Still trying to decide on topics and format. (ie. multiple short workshops, like a couple hours or an all day format). If you have any input, I’d love to hear it.

      And make sure to come up and say hi when we do have the workshop.

      btw – would you like me to add you to my newsletter list so you’ll get info. on when the OC workshops are starting? Or you can add yourself – just sign up for the free ebook, Date Don’t Mate. That will add you to my newsletter list. :)

      See you soon!

      Vondie :)

  • Hi Vondie,

    I met my partner at the local First Thursday Art Walk. He was the guest of a friend of mine who was showing off our local art scene. It was ideal: local cultural event, friend of a friend. We are geographically desirable (as they say), we both have strong interests in the arts, and the unexpected introduction by a friend made the attraction seem more spontaneous and natural.



    • Vondie

      Hi Lisa,
      Sounds like you have a lot of things going for you!
      Wishing you both all the best.
      Vondie :)

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