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What Are Your Past Relationships Trying to Tell You?

With the start of a new year, it’s easy to feel bummed about not having someone special in your life. But, maybe it hasn’t been time before. And, maybe it’s time now…

Because, maybe your past relationships have something to tell you to help you find love.

Think Back on Your Important Relationships

What were they like?
What attracted you to them?
What did you have to heal to get out?

I know the last thing you want to do is look back. Especially if those relationships weren’t that great.

But, if you can see those not-great relationships as having a message for you — then you can hear what they are telling you so you can finally find love.

A Bad Relationship Helped Me Find Love   

My relationship with my ex-husband was a train wreck. But, it also helped me heal a lot of leftover childhood stuff.

I had already done a lot of work on myself and my family. But, I had to go deeper to get out of that relationship.

And that deeper healing freed me up to finally find healthy love. 


Is it time to go deeper into your feelings?
Is there someone or something you want to let go of?
Is there someone or something you want to move toward?

You’ll know it’s right because it will feel like what your soul is longing for.


Vonda (“Vondie”) Lozano, Ph.D., is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Hypnotherapist. She’s been featured in Cosmopolitan, the Wall Street Journal and on KABC Talk Radio. Vondie offers hypnosis, counseling, and workshops in Ventura. Nearby cities include Camarillo, Ojai and Oxnard.

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